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I’m a pretty lucky lady – in the last quarter of this year I’ve found myself crossing the Atlantic and getting my passport stamped a number of times. I went to India in October; this week I’m getting ready to hop the pond once more for a little pre-Christmas getaway to London and Paris. Europe right around the holidays… could I be anymore excited? (100 points to Gryffindor for that Chandler Bing reference).

There is a real skill when it comes to packing, especially for an international trip. I hate checking a bag – repeat, I hate checking a bag – so I’ve become pretty attached to my Away Bigger Carry-On. It’s the perfect size that allows me to pack for a full week in a carry-on, as well as having a ton of extras (yes, it charges your phone!). While having the perfect bag is half the battle, the other half is knowing what to pack and knowing what not to pack.

1. Comfortable pajamas. This seems simple, but I used to just throw pajamas into my suitcase and not care what they were. I prefer packing a pair that is silk – they are both warm in the winter and cool in warmer climates. No matter where you’re going, it’s great to have one perfect pair of pajamas that is ideal in any temperatures.

2. Multipurpose Oils. My skin and hair get insanely dry when I travel – airplanes are no one’s friend. To save yourself on space when packing (and to help avoid those pesky 3.0 fl oz. travel rules) make sure to pack an oil that is good for both your skin and hair. A little drop with do you good and you can keep your ends and your face bright and shiny – and moisturized!

3. Camera. Everyone uses their phone for a camera nowadays, but when going on long trips I always make sure to bring my camera. I want to make sure I have plenty of space for photos and that they’re going to be of high quality… so grab your lens and start snapping!

4. Simply Summer’s EveSummer’s Eve cloths are perfect for sensitive skin and it’s the best thing to have in my carry-on for traveling. When flying abroad, I’ll often go 36-hours hopping through airports and making connecting flights. It’s such a relief to have these in my bag for on-the-go freshness. They’re also alcohol free and come in Coconut Water, Mandarin Blossom, and Cucumber Lily scents! Can you say life saver?

5. Eye Mask. I never used to pack an eye mask on flights. I used to think that the people who did pack them were annoying and pointless. (Way harsh, Tai). Until I started flying internationally to the point where I realized they don’t always turn the lights off on your flight… and if you’re trying to adjust to jetlag by sleeping on the plane, well then, you’re in trouble. Hello, eye mask!

6. Chic Passport Cover. Yes, I said chic. That’s important. My passport cover has card slots for my credit card and I.D., so I can walk through check-in and security with only one wallet in my hands.

7. Cute tennis shoes. No matter where I’m going when I travel – even if hiking or gym sessions aren’t a part of the plan – I throw in a cute pair of tennis shoes. It’s best to be prepared, and with athleisure trending as much as it is, having a pair of chic tennies is an ace in the hole.

9. Clay Mask. Finally, I bring a travel sized clay mask for recuperating after the flight. Hopefully you’re properly moisturized throughout your flight, but nothing beats checking into your hotel and having a little pocket-sized spa treatment all ready-to-go!

These are my top nine must-haves for throwing together your carry-on for travel… let me know where you’re going next!