When I was going through college I thought that life would magically make sense one day. Once I graduated and got a job, I believed that more things would fall into place. Surely, feeling as confused as I occasionally did throughout school would go away. After graduating, I’ve learned that it’s the total opposite. Life will never magically make sense one day, but there is an unsung beauty in that. This changing definition of my world around me has begun to change my definition of certain words, too. One of them being ‘unstoppable.’

I always thought that being unstoppable meant that there would be no obstacles. If you were unstoppable, nothing can touch you. Instead, I’ve come to learn that unstoppable means that while you face a multitude of obstacles, which may slow you down, none of them will change you.

From working in public relations all day to running a blog at night, being unstoppable is an important part of my day. It’s almost a necessity. I’ve found that there are a few different tips (and tricks I keep in my bag) to help me stay the course. I start my day with the new Secret Fresh Collection, which has Fade Resistant Scent Technology. This is huge for me – up to 70% of women switch their deodorant because they believe that their bodies have grown adjusted to it. If I feel like I can’t smell my deodorant, I feel like it isn’t working. This new collection lasts throughout my entire day – which is a long day – and captures any odor only to re-release it as fragrance.


My current favorite scent from the Secret Fresh Collection is the new Cool Waterlily, which pairs beautifully with my perfume and keeps me confident from the beginning of the morning to the end of my evening.

Before heading off to work in the morning (post-deodorant and pre-lipstick) I’ve been using Tree Hut Bare Moisturizing Shave Oil, too, in order to feel my best. This shave oil has been working better for me than traditional shave gels, as it uses jojoba oil and grape seed oil for an ultimate smooth. I never feel as confident if I don’t feel groomed (it’s a personal preference!) and using this shave oil has made my legs silkier than ever.


Throughout the day, whether it’s jumping between meetings or sneaking off to try and get some work done in a secluded corner of the office, things get overwhelming. It’s just the nature of business and the life that I’ve chosen to lead, mainly because I tend to keep myself pretty busy. Whenever things feel like just a little bit too much, I always keep 21 Drops Detox Essential Oil Blend in my pencil case – oh yeah, I have a pencil case as an adult.

This oil therapy comes in a miniature roller ball, and just a few drops on my wrists or behind my ears helps calm me down. All of the different blends help to soothe a stressed out mind. The 21 Drops Detox blend consists of lavender, juniper, and geranium, just to name a few.


Refreshing at the end of the day is just as important as refreshing throughout the end. I’ve been loving LA Fresh Limited Edition Waterproof makeup remover wipes. They have a magic combination of ingredients that has been helpful on even my most stubborn of makeup products, but they haven’t aggravated my gentle skin at all. Their limited edition pouch has a stash of 100 wipes, so there’s enough to last me a long time! You can also get some of these for yourself with 25% off using the code ‘Babbleboxx.’


But of course… who doesn’t love flowers? As much as I’m kind of a cynic at times, I’m a girl who is a sucker for flowers. FTD Bouquets create gorgeous bouquets for a variety of occasions, and oftentimes include the most beautiful and delicate of arrangements. This bouquet of orchids that was delivered to me by FTD brightened up my apartment for over a full week – and made me smile every time I came home.

IMG_0610 IMG_0609

What does unstoppable mean to you? Hopefully trying one of these different products will help you figure out how you can be unstoppable in your day, too!

This post was brought to you by Babbleboxx. All opinions and thoughts remain my own.