I have been to several great events in my time as a #beautyblogger (an amateur one at least). One of these opportunities happened this past month when I went to the Makeup Show Chicago. The Makeup Show happens across the country a few times a year. It allows professional makeup artists to see what brands are offering, as well as shop at serious discounts. Most makeup artists actually wait and stock their kits until these types of trade shows – especially because being a MUA requires a full case of makeup in every shade.

That’s cool, but most of us aren’t MUAs. I’ve compiled a list of the best brands and products that you need to check out as a consumer.

1. Mehron CelebrΓ© Foundation – Mehron is already known as a titan of industry in the makeup world. This iconic brand is typically associated with stage makeup, but their new foundation range challenges that perception. I’ve been using their new CelebrΓ© foundations since the show – they’re fantastic, buildable, and they stay put!

2. Crown Brushes – This isn’t so much a product that you need to try, as much as it’s a brand. Crown Brushes is an industry favorite for those just starting out. Which translates to a fantastic brand for consumers. It’s affordable and their brushes are some of my favorite in my collection. I also obsessed over their palettes, so click away!

3. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil – The Body Shop might be a surprising add to this list, but it’s worth it! Great makeup starts with great skin. Tea Tree Oil is already a cult favorite for getting ready of blemishes. I’ve been using the Body Shop variety and it’s cleared up all my under-the-skin breakouts.

These were some of my top three favorites for products that I picked up at the Makeup Show Chicago. The foundation of any great makeup kit or collection (see the foundation pun there?) is good foundation, great skin, and a good brush – so try these out and let me know your thoughts!