Everyone sees photos on Instagram and wonders “how in the hell did they do that?” It isn’t much a spoiler alert for me to reveal that those amazing iPhone photos had a little help. Most photos are really taken with a digital camera or go through several rounds of photo editing, but some bloggers still claim that they only use their iPhone for photos. Here’s the one hack that no one seems to think of: a photo lens.

Most digital cameras have different lens attachments that you can buy, but most people don’t realize that you can add a lens to your iPhone, too. Limelens reached out to me with the release of their newest set of iPhone lenses and asked if I wanted to give them a try – and I absolutely had to try it out! I’ve got a digital camera that I love, but sometimes it’s just easier to whip out your iPhone.

The Limelens Set includes: ‘The Thinker’ (a Dual Macro Wide Lens), ‘The Captain’ (a Supreme Fisheye Lens), three versions of the Limeclip (to attach the lenses to your phone, and a protective carrying case.

One thing I noticed right off the bat is that the Limelens sticks directly to your phone, and once it’s on you can remove it, but it won’t go back on easily. It’s designed to go on and stay on – which is great, I just noticed that my iPhone case didn’t fit after I put it on. Again, it’s not a bad thing, just worth noting!

Here’s a photo I took with my iPhone, no lenses:


The exact same vantage point, this time with the ‘Thinker’ lens:


Once again, with the ‘Captain’ lens:


As you can see, each lens provides its own distinct effect – and it really brought an entire new vantage point to the photos! I believe that the ‘Thinker’ lens will be most beneficial to bloggers, as it just expands the area of your photo. You’ll be able to take landscape or cityscape photos much easily, and you’ll get a more true-to-life vantage point to your photos.

The ‘Captain’ lens is amazing in terms of what it can do, but you do get the fisheye effect. This is great for photo journalists and photo buffs of the group, but for bloggers will really only work for landscapes, etc. (You probably don’t want to take an #OOTD with a fish eye lens).

No matter what subject you tend to photograph, I definitely recommend the Limelens lenses for your iPhone. You can use either of these to highlight your subject in the best, most professional way – even just on your iPhone.