I swiped through my most recent skin care routine on Instagram Stories earlier this week – and a lot of people wanted a few more details! I’m lucky enough to get a lot of products sent to me, so I’m always trying new things and reevaluating my skincare routine (it also helps being a VIB Rouge member).

You can find some of my favorite products below, but check out the list for the best routine (you can mix + match brands, as long as you follow the general type of product).

1. Vitamin C Serum – This is great for moisturizing your skin, as well as prepping it for a derma-roller.

2. Dermaroller – These look kind of terrifying, but the microscopic needles trick your skin into thinking it’s injured. How could this possibly be a good thing?! Well, those non-existent injuries make your skin think that it needs more collagen and it speeds up production.

3. Activating Serum – I use an Activating Serum from Sulwhasoo, but any activating serum will do. This opens up your skin to better receive the rest of your products.

4. Brightening Serum – My skin has pink undertones, so I use a brightening serum to even out my skin tone and make it appear brighter.

5. Eye Cream – I’m incredibly paranoid about getting crows feet and I already have under eye bags just from my lack of sleep and lifestyle. I use an eye cream from Joanna Vargas, which has been the best I’ve tried!

6. Toner Water – This is just another boost of moisturizer – and it feels refreshing.