While the walls of my apartment aren’t covered in Louis Vuitton monogrammed wallpaper, that’s only because an official version isn’t available. When Louis Vuitton decides to get into wallpaper – I’m there. I couldn’t possibly pick one favorite luxury brand (gun to my head, I couldn’t do it!), but Louis Vuitton ranks high on my list. I’ve added a few different Louis Vuitton bags to my collection over the past year, the gem of my collection being a vintage duffle bag.

The first question that people ask me when they see my #haul is normally, “How much did that cost you?” I’m proud to announce that I have probably only paid about 40% of the full retail price for my entire collection. We’re ballin’ on a budget over here, ladies.

There are a few different tips and tricks I use when shopping online to getting vintage designer goods at competitive prices. The biggest of these being how to know when you’re buying a fake.

1. I only shop for vintage Louis Vuitton on eBay. I know, Depop exists. Luxury Garage Sale exists. Even Facebook Marketplace is now a thing. But I have never found as good as prices on these websites, and I have a system down pat for shopping for vintage on eBay (which I’m about to share). I have plenty of friends who have had great experiences on other websites, but for me, there’s no other venue.

2. Expand your search to ‘International Listings’ only. The word ‘only’ is going to pop-up quite a bit in this blog post. When I’m looking for vintage Louis Vuitton, there is a very real system that I follow. For starters, I only look at listings in other countries, specifically Japan. In the 80s and 90s, there was a huge luxury boom in Asia, which flooded the economy with designer bags such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and more. The resale market in Asia is much fiercer than in America and it drives down prices. Try looking at listings specific to Osaka (not kidding!).

Most international sellers run entire online stores, so oftentimes there is free rapid shipping, too.

3. I filter based on the ‘Buy Now’ feature. If you want to get a really good deal, most people try to auction or bid on eBay. I tend to go in the opposite direction. I’m an emotional shopper, so getting caught up in an auction guarantees I’ll spend more money than I wanted to. Buy Now enables me to scroll for the best prices right off the bat.

4. Make sure that you can identify a country code on the bag. Reputable listings know what you are looking for as a reputable buyer (i.e., not interested in a fake). A country code appears stamped inside an authentic Louis Vuitton bag, and you can research what each country code stands for with a quick Google search.

In short – the keys to getting amazing vintage Louis Vuitton are as follows: A) Use eBay, B) Look at international sellers, specifically located in Osaka, C) Use the Buy Now feature to keep yourself from emotional spending, and D) Make sure you can identify a country code!

Happy shopping. xo