When it comes to holiday shopping for my friends, I think that all of my friends are the ‘stylish one’ of the group. I always have a hard time shopping for them so I’ve pulled together a few different ideas for gifts that you might be able to pick up for your friends.

The stylish one in your friend group is probably like Rachel from Friends – you love her, but she returns every single gift that you give her. Hopefully this will help keep the Rachel in your friend group dressed well all year and she won’t return it!


1. Versace 19.69 Italia Faux Fur Scarf I feel like I’ve been wearing faux fur all fall and now into winter – and it’s much warmer than my other scarves. This Versace Italia faux fur scarf by Minx is a fantastic gift for two reasons: it’s warm and stylish. It also wraps beautifully around the collar of my coat and elevates any look.

2. Faux Leather and Fur Coat The hardest part of dressing for winter is that my expectations are always higher than the temperature. This coat is the perfect for keeping your warm and actually continuing to look stylish.

3. CZ “V” Ring This is the best little bauble for a budding fashionista. It’s got a unique shape that is simple and easy to wear – it’s also chic as hell.

4. Block Heel Ankle-Wrap Pump Even though I wear nothing but black, I’m a little obsessed with this shoes. They have three different elements I’m currently obsessed with: a block heel, straps, and a pom pom! They’re the perfect NYE shoe.

5. Melissa Leather Backpack Backpacks are everywhere, but I have yet to find one that I feel like is truly timeless and stylish. This one by Frye is made with a gorgeous color leather and because it’s Frye, you know it will last for years!