You’ve probably seen the advertisements all over your Facebook – “not your mother’s vitamins,” “Vitamins just got chic,” “Vitamins have graduated.” Of all of the industries that are going through a makeover for the millennia, it seems that vitamins are catching the wave. I’ve been spending most of my time this spring really going through my life routine with a fine tooth comb – going to the gym, cutting out foods that are bad for me, etc. When a pitch for Care/of vitamins landed in my inbox, it seemed like the perfect time to try this trend for myself.

Care/of is slightly different from some of the other “trendy” vitamins you may have seen, as all of their vitamin packs are personalized. Yes, you read that right. Personalized. In order to order a 30-day supply, you have to take a five-minute quiz about your lifestyle. It then develops a vitamin-pack for you that’s custom tailored to your lifestyle.

I had way too much fun taking this quiz. It asks you questions about how active you are, your diet, what concerns you (early aging and clear skin, over here!), and even where you live. It takes all of these answers and cultivates the best bundle of vitamins for your lifestyle. In a few days, a chic, tea-style box arrived at my apartment – and each little pack of vitamins has your name on it! I’m a sucker for cute packaging, sue me.

While trying my own custom regimen, I got to speak to Dr. Jeffrey Gladd, MD and Scientific Advisory Board member, and Craig Elbert, the CEO and Co-Founder of Care/of. I wanted to know how they decided to re-make the vitamin industry.

“So many women are proactive about taking care of their health, and so savvy about making choices that are right for them. This is just one more way for a woman to do that– and one that is really convenient, too!,” Elbert noted when asked about why the modern woman needs Care/of, “Care/of is a way to ensure you’re getting enough of the nutrients you need, totally personal to you and customized for your health needs … our daily packs are also well-suited for the woman on the go!”

Of course, I also had my doubts as I’ve heard plenty of statements saying that vitamins aren’t that beneficial to your routine. Especially customized vitamins – how would that change my life? I turned to Dr. Gladd for that answer:

“With differences in each person’s goals and lifestyles, the idea that there is one mass-market multivitamin that fits all of us is short-sighted and outdated. Care/of has worked with experts to pool the research and understand how, and which supplements can be used to address one’s health goals … Their online questionnaire asks users a series of questions in order to provide customized recommendations backed by science … The Care/of evaluation weights the specific needs and moves those high need nutrients up their priority list.”

When I took my quiz, it noted that I live in the Northern Hemisphere – lack of vitamin D, much? That recommendation probably wouldn’t happen for my friend in LA. I’m happy to say that about two weeks into my vitamin regimen, I’ve noticed a huge difference. Even some of the supplements I was more skeptical of (vitamins for stress and attention span) seem to be working. I’ve been in a better mood and have noticed a lot more productivity at work.

In short? Vitamins just got chic. And for damn good reason.