Ah, the studio apartment. They tend to be a very polarizing topic when it comes to real estate. You either love them or you hate them. I have friends who specifically look for studio apartments only; other friends couldn’t dream of not having a one-bedroom. Personally, I’ve landed a little studio in a Chicago neighborhood that’s perfect for me.

I don’t entertain often – just my closest friends – so it’s no problem that I don’t have a dining area. Now, my studio is larger than most. I have a separate kitchen with space for a table and a separate walk-in closet that can fit a make-up vanity. I tend to call my space a “studio and a half.”

There are still plenty of ways to jazz up a smaller space to make it fit your needs – no matter what they are!

1. Make it cozy. Winterfell, anyone? My friends always joke that my bed is called the “Winterfell bed.” I have tufted white bedding that I’ve layered with several fur blankets. In order to separate the bed from the rest of the main room, I added mosquito netting and hung it similar to a four-poster frame.

A four-poster frame would have made my space look too small, so the mosquito netting is a perfect solution. Instead of taking up more space with a headboard, I added a tapestry instead.

2. Make storage sexy. The whole problem with a studio is that you might run out of invisible storage space. I use my hidden storage spaces for “less attractive” things, and use visible shelving for chic storage space. My perfumes, designer shoes, and books are all visible.

My bookshelf also doubles as a high TV-stand, so the TV is viewable from all around the apartment.

3. Tiny tables are your friend. Establish “nooks.” One corner of my apartment has my bed and a night stand. Another corner has a table that functions as my desk. The third corner has two bookshelves that hold those more designer pieces (more of that sexy storage pulling double duty).

My favorite corner, however, is my reading corner. I have a gorgeous, huge tan chair with an ottoman (that also has more fur thrown over it) with a black end table. I keep my pens here (I journal and write quite a bit!), as well as the “next up” on my reading list.

As for me, I’m in no hurry to get a one-bedroom anytime soon. I’m more than happy to keep showing off the Winterfell bed!