If you’ve never been to London before, then this won’t be the perfect blog post to take a look at. The first time you go – I highly recommend that you go to the popular tourist sites. My first trip to London was actually about four months long (I was living there for a summer) but I never got tired of the “most tourist-y” of places. Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, etc…

Three years later, I finally got to go back to one of my favorite cities. The second time around, we got to see and do entirely different things – you can never get bored of London. If you find yourself going for a second time or a third (maybe even your first, but you want to know where to eat) – here is what we did on our trip the second time around!

Where to Stay – We got an AirBnB in Kensington. This was a perfect spot near central London for us. It’s about a 15-minute cab ride to the “main attractions” (think Westminster and Big Ben), but it was more of a balance to also be near Camden and other boroughs we wanted to visit.

Another Place to See – Liberty London. This is fairly quintessential London, and most people probably go there the first time they make it to the Big Smoke. Shockingly enough – I had still never been!

We had the opportunity to go at Christmas, which was both gorgeous and a little insanely crowded. They had a vintage section of the store that my friend and I got entirely lost in.

Where to Eat – We lucked out in terms of places to eat while we were in London. I was able to text my friends in advance and get some fantastic recommendations.

Dishoom – Dishoom is a restaurant that is modeled after traditional Bombay cafes. Dishoom was so good, we went twice in five days. We tried both their dinner (which is served family style) and went back to try their breakfast menu (which is a must-not-miss!). Their lassi and their chai are also some of the best I’ve had outside of India.

The favorites included the house black daal and lamb biryani!

Palm Court at the Langham Hotel – Since we were going to London at Christmas time, we wanted to get a high tea. We did a lot of googling for this (there are a lot of tea options available in London. I don’t know if you’re aware) and we were so happy with our reservation at the Palm. We were there for over three hours and the food (and tea!) was amazing.

Thomas’s – Thomas’s is the cafe that is associated with the Burberry flagship store on Regent street. Although it’s in a tourist-haven, Thomas’s is actually tucked behind the store and was chic and quiet. We had a delicious (and chic while being unpretentious) lunch and loved every bite.

Ahh… my mouth is watering and I’m itching for another stamp in my passport! And more of Dishoom’s black daal.