I’d consider myself an amateur skincare expert. Sure, I’m no esthetician, but I’ve tried a lot of different routines, products, and masks galore – so I know what’s good for my skin. When my friend (and fellow blogger lady) Sabrina asked if I wanted to try out Scratch Goods last weekend, I was down for a bit of self-care-Sunday. I had heard good things and was expecting a traditional facial experience. Easy, quick, and it was reasonably priced. Honestly, I was expecting anything out of the ordinary.

I’ve never been happier to have been wrong!

Scratch Goods is an entirely different kind of facial or mask experience. For starters, it isn’t a facial. They call it a mask bar. You go (I highly recommend going with friends!) and you’re in charge of mixing your own clay mask. All of the ingredients are made in Chicago and are completely organic.

You pick everything – from the kind of clay you use (I went with sea clay) to the liquid base (I chose honey and matcha!). The entire process is narrated by the Scratch Goods professional, who walks around to assist. Our professional was incredibly friendly and very knowledgable about everything that we were doing.

The entire process takes about 60 minutes. There is mixing the mask, waiting for it to dry, and pre and post oil treatments. Let me tell you –Ā my skin has never looked or felt better.Ā Sabrina also had similar results and we have entirely different skin types; mixing your own mask really makes a difference.

So… if you’re in Chicago, I can’t recommend Scratch Goods enough for a stop! Your skin will thank you.