Believe it or not – it’s already the holiday season! While the Macy’s on Chicago’s famed State Street is already rolling out the Christmas red carpet, most of us will be traveling home for Thanksgiving first. Packing comes with enough anxiety on its own. When you factor in holiday delays and expensive jewelry for fancy parties… it becomes a nightmare. There are a few different tips to keeping your jewelry (and your piece of mind!) safe while traveling home.

I keep my watches in a clutch when I travel – out of sight, of course.

1. Carry on all of your jewelry. If you’re worried about traveling with expensive jewelry or valuables, do not put it in your checked bag. Wear it if you can, or put it in your carry on. You can keep an eye on it at all times and you do not have to worry about lost luggage.

2. Make a list of what you’re packing. I always forget what I end up throwing in my bag. I pack in a hurry, ok? Oftentimes I’ll forget if something is lost or just back at my apartment in the city. Keep a list of what valuables you’re bringing to avoid the panic!

Travel with as little jewelry on as possible.

3. Travel incognito. If you’re traveling through crowded airports or train depots, carry your jewelry like I said. Don’t wear it. If you wear an engagement or wedding ring, spin it around so the gems is face down.

4. Insure it! Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company has been exclusively insuring jewelry for more than 100 years. They offer repairs and replacement coverage, for all sorts of jewelry and watches (which is ideal for my massive watch collection).

No matter how careful you are while traveling (even if you make a list and bring it in your carry on), accidents happen. That’s what jewelry insurance is for!

The elements of a perfect carry-on!

Everyone wants to go home for the holidays. But no one wants to have all of the additional stress. Using these tips and jewelry insurance from Jewelers Mutual means you can cut back on the stress. Less stress and a better, more stylish holiday? Count me in!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.