The Nike Air Max has long been one of my favorite sneakers – while I’m not a sneaker head by any stretch of the imagination, an icon is an icon, ok? I had the privilege last year of celebrating the launch of another edition of the Air Max as well as getting to try out the newest in Nike sports bras. I don’t like to play favorites – but when it comes to my athletic and athleisure wardrobe, Nike is one.

When the newest Nike Air Max 270 hit my inbox this afternoon, I had to turn around and talk about it immediately. While all of the Air Max sneakers are artfully crafted – the truth with all of Nike’s products – this edition of the Air Max is entirely different.

The Air Max 270 is designed for athleisure.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Nike has released the Air Max 270 designed for the demands of everyday wear. It’s constructed as carefully as any of the athletic sport editions, but this marks the first edition of the iconic sneaker that was created for the daily sneaker wearer in mind.

While some trend analysis are calling that athleisure may finally be on the way out, the latest release from Nike pushes back against the haters of the norm-core movement. In 2017, designers such as Balenciaga and Chanel sparked a feeding frenzy with their designer sneakers. Even street style superstars like Bella Hadid have been seen out sporting “dad shoes.”

“Dad shoes” the Air Max 270s are not, however. Regardless of your take on athleisure, norm-core, and the mainstream sneaker movement – the Air Max 270s are justΒ plain cool as shit.Β