With award show season currently underway, beauty fanatics and editors alike are swarming to get the best and most buzzed about beauty. Award show red carpets are high scrutiny environments – so every star wants to make sure they look their best. If it’s good enough for a red carpet, then it’s more than good enough for me. I’ve added a few new products to my line up recently, so be sure to scroll through and find out what your vanity’s missing.


LumaRX Full Body Device.hate shaving. I’m serious. In the winter, I will often go weeks without shaving (and I push it pretty far in the summer, too). The LumaRX Full Body Device is an IPL hair reduction system that helps me get smooth skin all year around. The heat stuns active hair follicles, which stops the growth cycle. Hair falls out within 7-10 days! It’s been super easy to use and I’m already happier with the results than traditional shaving. You can use the code BB75 for $75 off the LumaRX Full Body Device!


Derma E: Vitamin C Concentrated Serum & Renewing Moisturizer I have the world’s most complicated skin care routine (I’m serious). I always pack on a ton of different serums and lotions in the evening, but I’m stopped using a lot of them and replaced them with the one-two punch of these Derma E Vitamin C serums. I apply the serum first, then follow with a pretty generous layer of the moisturizer for a nice glow. This duo is my new favorite part of my skin care routine, and it’s natural skin care – even better.


Clear Eyes Pure Relief Multi-Symptom. My eyes go back and forth from dry to overly red and watery, so I always keep a little bottle of this in my bag! Clear Eyes are also the first preservative free eye drops in a multi-dose bottle at retail in the US. It has it’s own unique formula that relieves red eyes or watery eyes, while some other drops I’ve tried really only treat one or another! You can get $4 off coupons here in order to toss a bottle in your bag, too.

Kerastase Ciment Thermique. Does anyone else get paranoid about using a lot of different heat tools on their hair? I’m always experimenting with different heat protectants and primers, and this Kerastase one is my current favorite. It prevents breakage by up to 85%, and strengthens the hair from the inside out. You leave it in your hair after showering, and it continues to work all day.


Winky Lux: Flower Balm & Stella Marina Lipstick. Everyone has seen these flower balms all over the internet – and I was so excited to finally get my hands on one! There is a real chrysanthemum inside the flower balm, plus it’s coconut scented. It pairs beautifully underneath the Stella Marina lipstick, which has a gorgeous burgundy color with microscopic flecks of metallic pink (perfect for any spring outfit or red carpet!)


Be sure to let me know what your favorite products are! I can’t possibly choose… but I’m excited to see which trends end up on the red carpet.

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