Viral drinks and pretty summer sips are having a mo-ment this summer (move over, avocado toast and pool floaties). While I was riding the La Croix train pretty far, I have to admit that my biggest bubbly vice has always been Diet Coke. I’ve become more than well aware of all of the additives and problems with consuming diet beverages, however, so I’ve spent the summer trying to find new beverages for my bubble fix.

When the opportunity arose to sample a variety of flavors from Spindrift, I jumped at the chance to find my new summer drink – and it worked! Spindrift is America’s first (and only!) sparkling water made with real, squeezed fruit. I checked the ingredients myself, too. Literally. On the back of the can, the ingredients read: carbonated water + fruit juice.

While I’ve enjoyed sparkling water beverages before, I’ve never been able to fully quit Diet Coke. Until – for me – I tried Spindrift Grapefruit. It’s the perfect blend of bubbles and just enough sweetness. I’ve been packing them for the beach (yes, Chicago has a beach, ok?) and stock piling them in my office’s fridge.

My personal favorite Spindrift hack has been Grapefruit Spindrift, topped with some crushed mint leaves and blueberries. It’s a mock-tail that looks and tastes better (and is better for you!) then any array of rosé flights or summer sips. If you’re looking for the best drink to take you into Labor Day and to finish out the summer, I genuinely recommend Spindrift.

I’ve been trying to kick my soda habit for years, and no amount of Perrier’s or La Croix’s could get the job done. (I was even worried about the preservatives in those, too) Spindrift is the perfect little pick-me-up that’s got nothing but bubbles and fresh fruit juice. A recipe for the perfect summer.

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