The last few months have been full of exciting transitions – from graduating university to getting a job and moving into a new place. The biggest struggle with moving into my new place is making it #InstagramWorthy and pulling together an environment that would feel warm coming home to. The problem with any new apartment or home is making it feel like yours. If your apartment feels like a hotel, then it isn’t going to be remotely relaxing after a long day at work.

I tackled this immediately by trying to make this as personal as possible. By hanging photographs and making sure to cover the walls in art I loved, I was able to turn it into a reflection of my personality and hang actual reminders of good times with friends and family.

The second best way to ‘cozy’ up an apartment is by having cozy furniture. A few months ago, I had the pleasure of shopping at Interior Define and picking out a custom sofa that would go in my new place. I ended up with a different piece than the one that I featured – but I’m even happier with the one that I chose. The Maxwell chair is the perfect chair for anything… reading, studying, binging the new season of American Horror Story… really, whatever you’re into. The massive Ottoman it comes with is ideal for your longer-legged friends (I’m only 5’4″, okay? Actually, it’s pretty perfect for pulling up right close to the chair and taking an excellent nap).

Another way I made sure to make my home just that – my home, I added warm elements to my bed. It’s where you start and end every day, so make it a paradise! For me, that meant all-white bedding and several large fur blankets. It’s been nick-named the Winterfell bed, so please research that joke if you don’t watch Game of Thrones.

Overall, adding personal elements and warm furniture is the best way to up the vibe in your new apartment or home. It personalizes it and creates an environment that’s comfortable and cozy. The very last piece to the puzzle was adding Interior Define’s Maxwell chair – they were incredible to work with, and we found the perfect cozy chair to add to my space. If you’re looking to level up your apartment for winter, I’d recommend a bomb reading chair!

The first step to personalizing my space was to hang decor on the walls and add a cozy chair to a warm corner!
I spent at least 45 minutes organizing the aesthetic of my bookshelf. Worth it.
A palm plant is also perfect for Instagram photos and adds a pop of green color to a space. This particular palm is ideal for indoor air filtration, too!
I surrounded my bed with prints I loved – one of Vogue (that serves as my headboard) and one of the goddess herself, Kate.
I have a friend staying the weekend who spent almost the entire time in this chair – she’s studying for her MBA and she claimed the chair in the name of her studies. It’s that cozy.
A ‘C’ shaped table cozies right up to my chair, which is always covered in warm fall candles, some great magazines, and pumpkin coffee (of course).
I love this illustration of me – it’s much chicer than I am, but it personalized my space.
Don’t forget the little touches! This perfume bottle was at a thrift shop for 50 cents, but when I looked on the bottom I discovered it was a vintage Balmain perfume! (Real Balmain…)
The massive ottoman that comes with the Maxwell chair is potentially the best part. This is by far my favorite part of my apartment.

A massive thank-you to Interior Define for sponsoring this post and gifting the incredible Maxwell chair!