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Makeup Bag Saks 5th AvenueLipstick Colourpop in “Magic Wand” / Mascara Maybelline FalsiesPowder MAC Studio FixSponge Blotterazzi by Beauty Blender / Rollerball Perfume “Black” by Zara / Brush Retractable Kabuki Brush by Real Techniques

I don’t carry my makeup bag with me – shocking, I know! I have too much makeup to consistently carry around with me in one bag, so I’m not in the habit of packing a makeup bag every day. Any given day I’ll use at least 18-20 products (some big ones, including palettes) so I’ve stopped carrying a little pouch full of necessities. But recently, the summer heat has meant that I’m only getting oilier as the day goes on – so I’ve had to switch it up.

One of my favorite all time shows is Criminal Minds and all of those heroines have a go-bag. A “ready-to-go bag” to leave at any given moment. I kind of loved that theology – so now, I stuff my makeup bag a little bit differently. I don’t put in products that I use in the morning, rather, I’ve found a few key products that stay in my makeup bag all the time. A makeup go bag! That way, I just toss the already packed bag into whatever purse I’m carrying that day. My magic potion for the best makeup “go bag” is this:

– A neutral lipstick.
– A favorite mascara – preferably in darkest black.
– Powder foundation – for blotting or touch-ups.
– Blotting sponge – I switched to a blotting sponge instead of blotting papers, and not only is it more effective, but it’ll save you money in the long run.
– Rollerball perfume – I really like “Black” by Zara as a dupe for Valentino’s Uomo Assoluto and it’s much easier to carry around.
– a Kabuki brush – a Kabuki brush is the most universal, so you can apply any sort of powder or foundation. The Real Techniques one has a great cap that allows it to be super transportable.