How to Pack the Perfect Makeup Go Bag

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Makeup Bag Saks 5th AvenueLipstick Colourpop in “Magic Wand” / Mascara Maybelline FalsiesPowder MAC Studio FixSponge Blotterazzi by Beauty Blender / Rollerball Perfume “Black” by Zara / Brush Retractable Kabuki Brush by Real Techniques

I don’t carry my makeup bag with me – shocking, I know! I have too much makeup to consistently carry around with me in one bag, so I’m not in the habit of packing a makeup bag every day. Any given day I’ll use at least 18-20 products (some big ones, including palettes) so I’ve stopped carrying a little pouch full of necessities. But recently, the summer heat has meant that I’m only getting oilier as the day goes on – so I’ve had to switch it up.

One of my favorite all time shows is Criminal Minds and all of those heroines have a go-bag. A “ready-to-go bag” to leave at any given moment. I kind of loved that theology – so now, I stuff my makeup bag a little bit differently. I don’t put in products that I use in the morning, rather, I’ve found a few key products that stay in my makeup bag all the time. A makeup go bag! That way, I just toss the already packed bag into whatever purse I’m carrying that day. My magic potion for the best makeup “go bag” is this:

– A neutral lipstick.
– A favorite mascara – preferably in darkest black.
– Powder foundation – for blotting or touch-ups.
– Blotting sponge – I switched to a blotting sponge instead of blotting papers, and not only is it more effective, but it’ll save you money in the long run.
– Rollerball perfume – I really like “Black” by Zara as a dupe for Valentino’s Uomo Assoluto and it’s much easier to carry around.
– a Kabuki brush – a Kabuki brush is the most universal, so you can apply any sort of powder or foundation. The Real Techniques one has a great cap that allows it to be super transportable.


13 thoughts on “How to Pack the Perfect Makeup Go Bag

  1. I’m so on the same level with you. I’ve always had a hard time consolidating all of my makeup. Thanks for these tips. I just got back from a vacation and carrying around my big makeup box was such a pain!

  2. I’m terrible about taking makeup with me for touch ups…I need to get a cute bag like this and make a better habit out of bringing the basics with me 🙂

  3. This is what I do too! There’s no way I could carry around everything I put on my face on a full on makeup day, so I just bring some touchup essentials.

  4. Hey! I have ready-to-go beauty bag as well. I simply got tired of always thinking what to take with me and then forget something that turns out to be essential just because I didn’t see it in time.
    so, one day, I took the time, sat down, thought of all the product I use every single day and put them in a bag. Sometimes I add a few more things before leaving the house but at least I have the bare minimum covered.

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