When it comes to Chicago winter: it doesn’t mess around. It does tend to mess with my hair, however, and I always end up either under or over-conditioning my hair as soon as the temperature drops. I have oily hair that needs moisture because it’s so often colored, but it gets oily and weighed down if I use too much conditioner. Winter only adds to this lose-lose situation, as the cold air only makes my hair feel ‘chapped.’

I got an offer from George the Salon in Chicago (where I got this excellent facial, if you missed it) to experience their new 24-carats ritual from Kérastase. I have tried and loved Kérastase products in the past, so I was excited to see if this would bring life into my winter-deadened hair.

The 24-carat ritual is a customized experience that will change based on your individual hair type. I met with a stylist in the beginning of my appointment, and we talked through the challenges with my hair (it being too oily, too dry… etc).

They blended three different Elixir Ultime haircare products, which help to condition the hair nourish the root. It’s topped off with a Fusio-dose application, an ultimate shot of moisture.

Because one of the concerns with my hair is oil, we elected to leave the treatment off of my roots. I felt that the stylists I was working with understood the challenges I faced every day when styling my hair, and really set out to tackle those with a customized treatment. Especially for a treatment that is oil-based and focuses on moisture, it was great to see my stylist adjust.

Overall, it was a fantastic experience – I almost fell asleep at the shampoo bowl. Seven days later, I feel that this definitely wasn’t just a topical treatment. My hair still feels softer and looks as refreshed as it does fresh out of the salon.

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