If there’s anything that Chicago needs, it’s all climate gear. Luckily, with the opening of the new NIKELAB CHI comes the launch of their NikeLab ACG outerwear collection. This collection – which I got to preview – is designed to offer advanced weather protection from all of the elements.

The most impressive part of this collection is its seamlessness. It easily blends from one piece to another, but not as if it doesn’t have a sense of its own identity. With jackets that can combine into one for layering, and hoodies that match teeshirts – its a match made in a minimalist layered heaven.

There are interior strap systems and adjustable collars, and a million other hidden touches that make it apparent how thoughtfully the collection was designed.

Moving beyond the collection, the newly designed NikeLab on the fifth floor of the Nike Michigan Avenue location showcases the sporty style of the Windy City. Everything is incredibly open with clean lines and a geometric, minimalist touch.

Straps that support clothing racks mimic those inside the ACG Alpine Jacket, System Blazer, and Funnel Hoody (which allow you to wear your jacket like a backpack as you move inside to outside). Criss-crossed white lights going across the top of the space look as if they’re about to start snowing at any moment.

It was a pleasure to view – and I can’t wait to go back and shop it! I’ve got my eye on a camel colored ACG Alpine Jacket. 

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