If I have to be honest… I’m more of a Fall and Winter person than I am a Spring person. The difference between my cold and warm weather outfits is the subtraction or addition of tights and a jacket. That aside, there are a few different trends that I’m itching to try out for myself as soon as it gets warm. Of course, in Chicago, that could be a few months. There’s really no telling. As I put this list together, I realized it was a little #basic… so feel free to call me on it. I like minimalism, okay?

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 9.22.07 PM

1. Bleached Hair. But Molly, you’ve had bleached hair before? Yes, I know. I have. I just recently dyed by hair blonde again after a few months stint of dark hair. Blondes have more fun.

2. Decorative loafers. Loafers have been the ‘don’t give a f**k’ shoe for awhile. This season has seen a few more cutouts and details and I’m itching to try.

3. Minimalist accessories. For some reason, this image grabbed my eye. I have a skinny scarf and some graphic gold earrings – but pairing them never felt like an option! See you on Instagram.

4. Fishnet socks. Are these too Instagram? Are we over them? I don’t know.

5. Bushy AF brows. Another trend that I’m allegedly very behind on. Blame it on the ‘gram, but I spend too much time carving my brows into perfection. I need to get some gel to give a bushier look a try.

Find these images on my Pinterest and let me know your thoughts!