If there’s one article that a lot of magazines and websites revisit again and again, it’s the topic of which popular fashion and beauty trends men hate. Every time I open Facebook or Twitter, I feel like I’m bombarded with some sort of expose featuring some sort of play on the words “Men Hate This Trend.”  When I googled those words, there were over 25 million results in .067 seconds.

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Quite honestly, I’m sick as hell of it. I could care less if men hate my makeup, my hairstyle, or that pair of culottes (but let’s be honest, culottes are called guachos and I rocked those in 2004).

Men “Hate My Look”

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One of my earliest make-up experiences happened way back in the 6th grade, where I had a love affair with blue eyeliner and maroon lipstick. I distinctly remember reapplying my sticky, dark colored lip gloss in my pink locker mirror after lunch, when a passing co-ed stopped and scoffed, “You know boys don’t like that, right?” He nodded in the direction of my lipgloss. Instead of backing down, I simply cocked my hip and spit back, “Good thing I don’t like boys.” 

But my unfortunate experiences with men, make-up, and fashion didn’t end there.

I’ve always had hair on the shorter side. I’ve only rocked a pixie cut once in my life – and I did like it – but the average length of my hair is chin-length. I have thin hair, so it looks thicker and healthier when it’s short. Plus, I think a chin bob is chic as hell. (Thanks, Anna Wintour).

Yet, discussing cutting my hair once again, someone flat out told me: “Oh, don’t you dare. Men like longer hair. Until you’re settled down, you shouldn’t cut your hair.” Um, what?

I also bleach my hair quite often – to an unnaturally white blonde color. Again, because I think it’s chic and I love the way that it works. It helps that grey, white, and silver hair are trending right now. Yet, a few weeks ago, I dyed it a more honey blonde hue for winter, and I ended up hating it. My stylist did a great job, I just didn’t love it. I felt like I’d lost my dynamic calling card.

But once again, over dinner with a guy friend, I was stylistically-cock-blocked. “Oh, I like this so much better. Honestly, it’s more approachable. You looked too intimidating with white hair.”

I Officially DGAF

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 5.10.30 PMBut I hated my hair that “approachable” color. I felt like I lost a bit of my edge. One of my girlfriends even commented that I had lost my most recognizable feature. I love dark lipstick, thick black eyeliner, and chin length, platinum hair – because it makes me feel confident. I work in fashion and having a dynamic and trendy look makes me feel better, more on top of my work, and honestly – makes me more memorable.

If a man has a problem with you, or your look, because of your style, hair cut, or a goddamn lipstick – then he’s the one with the problem.

I don’t care if you don’t like my look, or a trend, or a specific tube of tinted wax that a woman spreads on her lips in the morning. Because confidence is the sexiest feature, and I’ll drop dead before I take any more chauvinistic advice.