Everyone is looking forward to a new year and can agree across the board that 2016 was a mess. While parts of it were still uplifting, it’s time to focus on the future and 2017. It’s time for a period of growth and change – so I set about ending this year and this semester with a little bit of reflection and goal planning to help me move forward.


I have to write things down in order to commit them to memory. I love using iCal and various Google apps, but I still keep everything in a planner or written down. I love using the Bamboo Slate and Bamboo Duo as a way to unplug and let my mind wander – it’s a lot easier than you’d think! Setting up goals for yourself is important and studies show that if you write things down, you’re a lot better at keeping to them. I believe that a huge part of this is lost when you use technology (which is crucial for life, but not all the time).


You have to get yourself in the right frame of mind before you set about dreaming for the next year. I challenge you to unplug the laptop, turn off the television, and set about with a Bamboo Slate. That’s exactly what I did, and of course, the best part is how it all synced to my phone afterwards! I used the chance to “go dark” and spend enough time doodling and dreaming for the next year. Where I want to go, who I want to see, and of course… the Christmas presents I still need to buy.

After, it was easy enough to just sync the notes to my phone. I’ve been using the app to check my goal list while I’m at the office and remind myself who I need to buy presents for…

I’ve loved the opportunity to use the Slate as a way to channel all my inspiration for the next year. It helps to keep me creative and on the ball to finish this year strong!


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