Each year when the holidays roll around I immediately scramble for my beauty closet. My schedule often involves me hopping from work to events (and in some evenings, multiple events) so I need beauty products that are easy, effective, and pull double duty!


Below are my current favorites that have found their way onto my vanity and into my makeup bag, especially for the holiday season.

ChapStick Total Hydration Lip Scrub: Chicago winters are no joke. My lips get chapped going from the train to my office building in three seconds flat. I’ve tried a few different lip scrubs but I keep going back to this one! It has the heavenly combination of combining coconut oil and shea butter for velvety smooth lips. (It also tastes like peppermint – which I can’t get enough of).

ChapStick Total Hydration Moisture & TintThis product pairs perfectly with the lip scrub! It is a tinted lip balm that adds the perfect amount of color and locks in the hydration of freshly scrubbed lips.


Katy Perry’s Mad Love Fragrance: I normally don’t tend to shop for celebrity fragrances. Oftentimes, they’re very light and too fruity. Usually, my favorite base note when it comes to fragrances is usually sandalwood and musk, which is uncommon in celebrity fragrances. Katy Perry’s new Mad Love fragrance has both – as well as a decadent list of top and middle notes that keep it sexy.

The new Katy Perry Mad Love fragrance is perfect for spritzing on right before a holiday party – it has the stronger base notes that I love, but also fruiter top notes that keep it flirty and fun!


Dr. Brandt. 3-D Filler Mask: I really wasn’t kidding when I mentioned Chicago winters being brutal. As much as I’m cautious to take care of my lips, my skin also requires some extra TLC. This mask is actually designed to be a leave-on facial mask so it is absorbed into the skin and can visually plump and smooth lines. I also feel that it’s incredibly moisturizing and is great to use as a primer!

The important part of this mask is to remember to follow the instructions. You have to use the brush it comes with to draw on the product in an inverted triangle, starting at the cheek bones. Pat into the skin (do not rub it in) for the best absorption!

You can get 20% off the 3-D filler mask by using the code ‘BABBLE3D’.



Paul Mitchell MarulaOil Rare Oil Perfecting HairsprayThis might be my top hair product right now – it’s perfect for dressing up your hair for holiday parties, or just using a quick spritz to get ready in the morning. This is a flexible, layerable, perfecting hairspray that allows you to add more or less for different amounts of hold. Anything that pulls double duty like this is a win in my vanity!

It’s a very fine mist, which adds an effortless look and a finishing touch to all of the different looks I have tried so far.


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