If you’ve been around here for awhile, then you know when it comes to hair color I have two speeds: blonde and blonder. I haven’t been blonde my entire life, I’m not even a natural blonde* *Technically, I am. The official term would be ‘dirty blonde,’ but it’s more dirt than blonde – so to the salon we go.

Nevsy Zee has been coloring my hair at Custom Hair Lounge for a little over a year. I can’t imagine going anywhere else – the bond between you and your hair colorist is a sacred one (I’d prioritize the relationship with my colorist over the relationship with a man, any day). Each and every time, I’ve asked Nevsy to bring out the bleach. Maybe we add layers, take an inch off, or switch up the style of my bangs… but we always go blonde. Very, very, blonde.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the itching to return to a darker hair color. I had long, dark hair when I was in college – and all of my Timehop throwbacks have made me miss it! Plus, I’m looking to grow out my hair as the lob trend inevitably dies down and the best way to get my hair to grow is to stop bleaching it.

For the first time, I walked into Custom Hair Lounge and asked Nevsy to take my hair to places she’s never been before – and she delivered!

Pre-color; I came in with a blonde bleach job that had a bit of regrowth.

I asked for an all-over chocolate color off the bat, and luckily, Nevsy had her own input. Some of the bottom layers have blonde highlights that are almost an ashy gray in tone. If I want my hair to look darker, I simply part it differently or push more bangs in front of my forehead. If I’m missing a the lighter blonde, I can clip back a few layers so more of the highlighters show through.

The overall effect was one of almost marble – it was balayage 2.0. My first response was to immediately run out, so it was to Stan’s Donuts with my friend Mischaela (you don’t think I didn’t bring moral support to hair appointment, did you?) for a winter cup of coffee… that perfectly matched the color of my hair.

The finished product: a gorgeous chocolate color with ashy and grey undertones.
Nevsy also re-cut some of my layers to keep up with the trendy, easy, rockstar look.
Celebratory cafe au laits were needed.
I always recommend the peanut butter pocket donut at Stan’s!
And of course, shoutout to best friends who will sit at the salon and watch you get your hair transformed!