If there’s one thing that I’m known for among my friends, it’s being the friend who is always on time. I’m the one who is always sending out text messages like this: “Okay, so we’re meeting for dinner, but what time? 6-‘ish’ is not a time!”

I’m always keeping a schedule or two, at the very least. Whether it’s for work, my blog, or a social calendar – staying organized is my top priority. I’m a little type-A, okay? I love having my iPhone calendar and Google calendar maps, but I remember things by writing them down. For this reason, I always keep several different copies of my schedule. I’ll write down plans in my paper planner, then record it in one app, then another app… it’s a little overkill.


I had the privilege of checking out the Wacom Bamboo Slate tablet, which uses Bluetooth to record all of your notes and store them digitally in your phone! Immediately, I jumped at the chance. It was simple to get started and the tablet syncs with the iPhone app.


This first week of November is going to be really busy – my birthday is tomorrow, I have blog posts to publish, and friends visiting from out of town! I used the Bamboo Slate to make a schedule for this upcoming week, from a grocery list to reminders (such as to clean my apartment before guests arrive!). It was easy to sync it up to my iPhone. From there all I needed to do was text it to my friends so we could better organize. No need for a different agenda and two separate apps!



But because plans change on the fly, I love how the Wacom Inkspace app gives you the chance to edit your notes in the app. As plans changed, I can change notes on the go.


Trust me – if you’re any sort of a type-A like I am, the group planner, or everyone’s personal assistant, you definitely need one of these in your life!


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