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Ah, the hunt for the ‘perfectly un-perfect’ hair. The slept-in hair. Cool-girl hair. Parisian, un-shampooed hair. Whichever way that you want to google it, loose waves are going on their third year of having a serious moment. I have shoulder-length hair and a lot of layers, so I can’t use a traditional curling iron to get a loose wave (the layers on the top are too short).

Last week, the Bed Head Textrovert hit my inbox and I felt my neck snap to a 90-degree angle while I looked at it. The Textrovert is the first hot tool that is designed specifically for a slept-in look. The ultra-thin barrel has a rectangle shape more than a barrel and is almost paper thin.

I had to follow the instructions on Ulta’s website – and the reviews are mixed – but for me, this worked. I’m obsessed with it. I can’t put it down. I use it on my whole head for when I want maxed out volume, or just the top layers for work.

The first time I tested it was for Nike’s launch party a few weeks ago – and I ended up with some of the best hair ~moments~ of my life.

It’s important to note that the reviews for this are mixed. If you have longer hair, then maybe this isn’t the product for you. I can say without a doubt, however, it’s my new must-have. If you give it a try, let me know how it goes!

Nike’s launch party for the Air Max, where I had one of the best hair nights – ever.