Every new college graduate is faced with a million different decisions upon their impending doom (I mean, impending graduation). One of these is quite obviously – where the hell am I going to live? Finding your first “adult” apartment is easier in Chicago than in other smaller markets, so luckily you’re starting off in a better spot than others. Of course, that’s only step one. You need to furnish those glorious four walls you’ve scored right off the L train. When the people at Interior Define asked me that question – how was I going to furnish my own apartment – they luckily had the answer.

I’ll be moving in the next couple of months and transitioning into a place that requires I actually decorate it. I had the pleasure of going to Interior Define last weekend (if you’re on my Snapchat, @mollytullis, you got to see this adventure!) and shop for an incredible custom piece of furniture for my new apartment. Again, location and actual apartment to be determined – but I’ll figure that out later.

Interior Define provides customized sofas, couches, and armchairs at an amazing price – perfect for all of us who are looking to furnish a new space without thrifting and with a little style.

Interior Define
Interior Define’s showroom is located in Lincoln Park.
The guide shop has several different examples out – and everything is highly customizable!
It’s a super simple process – and you get to choose everything.
Interior Define
Everything can be selected, down to changing fabric and color – and it’s all the same flat cost.

The first step was to walk around and decide what kind of sofa I wanted. I decided on the ‘Rose,’ a short sofa with a modern twist on a classic silhouette. It was actually created in tandem with the popular Chicago blog, The Everygirl – so it was easily the best one for another fellow blogging gal.

Interior Define
The ‘Rose’ was featured in a blue color with a velvet fabric. While beautiful in the shop, it wasn’t my aesthetic. Onto fabric swatches!
I ended up getting the ‘Rose’ sofa in a different color – a slate gray fabric that was more durable fabric.

I went with a fabric that was a bit more durable than the velvet fabric the display Rose came in. It was a fabric that is designed to be perfect for pets – even though I have none. “I don’t have a dog… but I’m a dog person, ya know?” Luckily, the associates at Interior Define helped me find something that would require less effort to maintain.

After picking out the sofa that I wanted and a new fabric for it, I got to pick out the legs. You can also choose how big you want your piece of furniture and its configuration, but the Rose only comes in one model.

The Lincoln Park guide shop from above.
Swatching the dark and light wood legs against the grey color fabric I had chosen.
There’s a massive variety in shop, and the fact that everything is customizable means the opportunities are endless.
We even snuck upstairs to their design offices (ssh!)
Massive thanks to Jayme and Shannon for helping out with the entire process!

Make sure to check back in the next few months as I move into a new place and start during myself into a 2nd-rate HGTV host. You’ll get to see my custom Rose sofa in its grey fabric and I’ll be talking maximizing small spaces and how to get stylish design on a small budget!

Products featured in this post were generously donated by Interior Define. All opinions remain my own. Photography credit to Addie Whelan.