I never wrote an editor’s letter, an about me, or an introductory post when I started this blog in 2014. It didn’t seem necessary. In fact, it seemed trivial. I don’t consider myself an editor. I’m just a person with a laptop; that’s a big percentage of the population. The topics covered on this website have swayed: from the political pushes behind fashion movements to downright simple #OOTDs (there’s not many of the latter).

Once a year since this blog’s inception, I’ve quietly tweaked, rebranded, and relaunched in order to keep myself interested. I never made a formal announcement that there was a shift in this blog’s discourse . Some years were more opinion based than others, 2017 featured a good amount of luxury coverage, and 2015 was very runway-focused. It shifted naturally as I felt I was shifting naturally, and luckily – most of you seemed to be growing and moving with it, too.

At the start of 2018, I found myself once again trying to determine what I needed to do in order to keep myself interested in my own blog. For something that requires writing, editing, and #ContentCreation, you have to believe in your blog like your baby. I couldn’t come up with it. While I love the fashion and beauty industry, posting the best mascaras and my opinions on runway collections just doesn’t suit me anymore.Ā I grew more in 2017 than in any other one-year period of my life. Maybe it’s the political climate. It could be global warming. It might be my new found addiction to samosas (not mimosas). I’m not sure. Either way, I couldn’t fall in love with posting more beauty round-ups.

If you tune in at all in 2018, you’re going to see something different. I feel like its noteworthy enough to recognize the transition after four years. I still love a red lipstick, so beauty roundups and tips for dying your hair black-to-blonde at home aren’t going anywhere. What I hope you’ll find wedged in between those pieces is more thoughts on opinions, politics, and culture. I’ve always been an avid consumer of media and media culture – and in the age of fake news, maybe we don’t need another “hot take.” But, I have opinions and a URL… so here we go.

This blog’s next post might be travel tips. It might be an analysis of the Taylor-Swift-PR machine. I can’t make any promises, except I promise it’ll still be sarcastic.