Spring is rough on your hair and your skin – and it has been especially rough on mine! The constant changing of the weather (not to mention the fact that I pulled a color change from brunette to blonde) has left my locks needing a little bit of TLC. In addition, the constant fluctuation of temperature hasn’t been kind to my skin, either. I’ve pulled together a few different products that should take your beauty counter from spring to summer in a snap.

1. Oxygenetix Foundation – With my fair skin, I am obsessed with putting on sunscreen. I have to make sure it’s in my lotion, moisturizer, primer, foundation… you get the picture. I don’t like how some foundations with SPF feel on my skin, but this foundation from Oxygenetix has SPF25 and blends like some of my best foundations.

2. JuvaLips Automatic Lip Plumper – Okay, maybe this product isn’t just limited for Spring, but it’s been the talk of my friends and I. This little hand-held device is a safer alternative to sucking on a shot glass a la the #KylieJennerLipChallenge. It creates a soft, plumped look for your lips without overdoing it or hurting your skin.

3. Marilyn Tuxedo Pro Hair Brush – This is the perfect hair brush to get a bit of volume! The handle is curved like a certain starlet, and the boar bristles aren’t too rough on my colored hair.

4. IGK Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel – My new holy grail! This product goes in damp hair and you work it through from ends to roots. You then let your hair air dry – heat free! – for a separated, chic look.

5. Ouai Dry Shampoo Hair Foam – Do I even need to explain this product? It’s been all over the internet as working as a dry shampoo that’s foam, not an aerosol or powder. It’s easily the best dry shampoo I’ve ever tried, once you get used to it!