When I was asked by Nike Chicago if I was interested in testing out their line of new Nike Pro Bras, I think I said yes before really hearing about what they wanted me to do. Finding the right sports bra has been a struggle of mine for a long time, especially because I have a D-cup size and I like high-cardio workouts (boxing is my favorite!). I do have sports bras from other companies, such as Victoria’s Secret or Under Armor, and they aren’t bad per se. But they definitely sometimes felt too tight, or got uncomfortable when they got sweaty.

The first step was dropping into the Nike store on Michigan Avenue to get fit for the perfect sports bra. I went straight to the Nike Pro Rival Bra, when has a compression fit and fabric that reduces bounce. Let me tell you – have you ever bounced around  a boxing bag? It can be tough in the wrong bra and not in a good way.

Most of the sports bras I have tried feel like intense elastic all the way around. The Rival Pro Bra, in particular, has an elastic band but molded cups. It’s the molded cups that help keep down on bounce. (I know that sometimes having a ‘bouncy’ chest is considered a good thing, but have you ever worked out with a bouncy chest? Exactly).

IMG_9687 IMG_9688 ProBraChicago_053

It was actually really crucial that I got fitted by one of the professionals in the store. I had a pre-conceived notion of what my bra size was, but I was so wrong. Sometimes sports bras can fit differently then others, so it is crucial to get properly fitted. I would’ve been in a bra way too small, thinking that the overly-tight feeling was just ‘support.’

Everyone wants support in life. Whether it’s during your workouts or elsewhere, being supported by loved ones means that you’re getting validated. It’s important that you can support yourself but no one ever said no to a little additional lift in life. That’s exactly what I think the Nike Pro Bra did for my workout – just made it a bit easier, a little more supportive, and a lot more fun.

After getting fit by in-store professionals at Nike, I picked out my ideal workout wear – from head to toe. For me, the right outfit is really important when working out. It is that extra lift and burst of confidence that can push you closer to the finish line. I’m a big believer in when you look your best, you feel your best. I mimic that in my professional life, too, and I wear what I love. For me, it’s a lot of black. Mostly head-to-toe black.

But when working out, it means more like a strong graphic print and a great shoe. Still in a neutral palette, of course. I went with the classic Nike Power Legendary Capri, because who doesn’t love a yoga pant? I love a tight-fitting capri as the best pant to work-out in. Especially because it works all year round! The Nike Impossibly Light Jacket had this amazing fun, graphic print and does feel impossibly light. It’s perfect for my boxing workouts, as I love long sleeves and jackets – they’re the best for Chicago in the fall and winter and these don’t even feel like you’re wearing a jacket.

Finally, the Nike specialists helped me pick out the Nike Free Connect shoe. These are ideal for high-cardio workouts (again, like boxing) with high movement. Because they’re designed to feel like you’re almost barefoot, it allows me to box and move around the bag. I can stay as light on my feet as possible!

IMG_9689 IMG_9693 IMG_9694

NikeWomen BraHaus at Nike Chicago is opening up this week, and you can go get a one-on-one fitting session for your perfect bra. Nike Chicago is also going to be holding free Nike Training classes so you can jump in a workout – additionally, the BraHaus pop-up is going to have this outfit set up, so you can go shop this look!

Be sure to check out Nike.com/Chicago for more!