Eat Your Way Through Indy

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Restaurants / Bru Burger, Sub Zero Ice Cream, Yolk, Dancing Donut Shop

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting one of my sisters in Indianapolis – where she lives full time. We were only there for 18-hours, but we managed to hit four different restaurants. Indy is a great up-and-coming capital and I spent quite a few weekends there during college when I lived closer.

The first place that we hit was Bru Burger, on Indianapolis’s popular Mass Ave. It’s a great stop for amazing burgers and incredible salads (if you’re the kind of person that wants a salad at a burger place, no judgement). Across the street is Sub Zero ice cream, where they literally freeze your ice cream with nitrogen in front of you. Every single order is made-to-order and I watched the employee put cream and my chosen mix-in’s into a bowl and freeze it with nitrogen. Pretty legit. We followed up the pig-out with a trip to see the new Ghostbusters, which I thought was hilarious (and I proudly went to go see it to support an all-female cast and the use of a dumb, blonde male receptionist).

I’m not even sure I was hungry the next morning – but what self respecting white woman turns down brunch? We hit up Yolk, which does have a Chicago location, where I proudly had both diet coke + coffee. There were at least fourteen plates scattered over our table, including incredible omelettes and amazing biscuits and gravy.

No food round-up is complete without a donut run, though, and the Dancing Donut did us right. I had the ‘Rockefeller,’ which was dipped in caramel (pronounced ca-RA-mel), then chocolate, and covered in sea salt. The only thing left to do was try and sleep for the ride back home.

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