In an age where the most profound media campaigns have powerful messages that accompany them, COVERGIRL has launched potentially their biggest empowerment campaign to date. The newest release, called Unapology, comes in time with the release of their newest spring line-up. In addition to announcing a product release, COVERGIRL has brought together a diverse line-up of ambassadors to spread their soon-to-be-iconic “Unapologetic” message.

COVERGIRL has made the headlines recently with a slew of new ambassadors: Issa Rae, Ayesha Curry, and Maye Musk, to name a few. The line-up includes women of different walks of life, sizes, shapes, and ages, to cultivate a different kind of celebrity endorsement panel that showcases a genuine diversity.

The carefully-developed product lineup (and new accompanying anthem video) is more relevant than era. Conversations around inclusivity, authenticity, and women’s empowerment are happening at a well-deserved rapid pace, and brands need to embrace these conversations in order to stay relevant. COVERGIRL’s latest contribution to the conversation includes a message about power and self-pride – and the best part – not apologizing for it. (No one needs to tell you again that women need to stop saying sorry as much).

As a beauty brand that sells cosmetics for profit, it can be interesting to see how these brands adapt these concepts into their identity. For COVERGIRL, it comes with a sense of “you do you, girl” (not the official language). If you’re a full-face-glam or a no-make-up kind of woman, stand up and embrace it. COVERGIRL worked to release a spring line-up that helps women to be their most authentic self, no matter what that version of self is.

Conversations around women’s empowerment and cultivating a genuine sense of self in this political climate are going to only escalate as the media and political landscape changes rapidly. With Tarte’s recent inclusion misstep and Revolve’s call-out for a lack of diversity, it is more clear that consumers don’t see these topics as profound campaign statements, they’re simply brand requirements in 2018. That said, it’s refreshing to see COVERGIRL take a step outside the lines and completely reinvent with a new campaign and company anthem – a reflection that the message is not tailored to a campaign, but rather, their brand identity. That kind of authenticity can’t be faked.

Take a peek at the newest products below: