With New York Fashion Week (and all of the fashion weeks) coming to a close, everyone’s obsessed with personal street style snaps. Learning how to complement your own personal style with accessories can be tricky, especially because your personal style can change depending on your mood.

One of the best ways to complement your style is through sunglasses – even though they may hide half your face, you can let everyone know who you are.

There are thousands of sunglasses to choose from and even more places to get them. My new favorite place is FlashFrames, which narrows down all of your options on the internet. FlashFrames is the easiest way to spot the style of fashionable eyewear you want and get the frames.

You can focus on the style of sunglasses that you best think fit your face shape or style and narrow down your search.


It’s the best way to shop street style snaps, too! Maybe Chiara Ferragni was wearing an incredible pair of sunglasses at New York Fashion Week, but you can’t find them. Upload the photo and with one click you can find your options.Β Maybe you love the look of RayBans (guilty!), but don’t want to pay $150.

With FlashFrames, they offer sunglasses that look similar to the inspired pair you love, but at varying price points. It’s a shop-able “search by image” that gets you the best in street style.

Using FlashFrames, I was able to upload a snap of myself wearing a pair of sunglasses with a shape I liked (I had borrowed them off a friend!). FlashFrames then isolated the shape of the sunglasses I wasΒ looking for and pulled up tons of different options. You can then shop them according to color, price, or even brand.

It’s now the fastest – and most fun – way to shop for sunglasses and I loved the process. Instead of googling random adjectives that described the pair I want, I can find them directly on social media and shop away.

Be sure to follow FlashFrames on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even on Snapchat (@GetFlashFrames) for more style inspiration!

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