Everyone had a phase in life where they wanted to run away and join the circus. I personally wanted to work with the lions and tigers. How many of us actually get to say that we’ve done it? I had the pleasure of attending Cirque du Soleil’s LUZIA, currently playing in Chicago, and honestly felt like running away and joining the circus again.

LUZIA proved to be a genuine feast of the senses and a cultural experience like no other. LUZIA transcends the borders of the big tent, taking the audience through a stunning, visual ride through Mexico. The scenery transforms in full view and gracefully moves from arid deserts, underwater, and through stunning tropical jungles. The talent in LUZIA is almost unrivaled, with singers, acrobats, actors, musicians, strong men, contortionists…

That large of a cast, however, could easily get muddled in such a visually gripping performance; yet, the ease and incredible choreography ensure a clean and breath taking performance.

After the show, we got to go backstage and hang out with some of the performers from LUZIA. There are over 100 different people working together on the performance, which takes up two years to develop. A show like LUZIA could be a part of Cirque du Soleil’s arsenal for up to ten years.

The performers showed a very real love for their art. They all had dreams of running off to the circus, which some of them did the day that they turned 18. It’s truly a lifestyle and a community happening between the cast, and it made enjoying the performance even easier and more genuine.

LUZIA is playing in Chicago at the big top at the United Center until September 2nd – and I’d highly recommend this trip, that doesn’t require a passport.