I’ve attended awesome parties before. I celebrated the 4th of July at the US Embassy in London. I kicked off Men’s Fashion Week with Chinese diplomats at the Baccarat Hotel. But this weekend’s Sneakeasy with Nike immediately launched into my top five. Nike’s Air Max day celebrates the history of the iconic sneaker and launched the new Vapor Max. I love the Nike family that I get to work with in Chicago and they kicked off my celebration early with a special delivery to my office on Friday.

I was generously gifted with an awesome pair of Nike Air Max tennis shoes, and a reminder to wear them to Saturday’s event. I immediately styled them with my favorite pair of Nike yoga pants (which I pass off as pants all the time) and a blazer – athleisure is NOT A GAME, people.

The Sneakeasy (a pun on ‘speakeasy’) was one of the most incredible parties I’ve been to in a long time. The space out in West Loop had been completely decked out in the newest Vapor Max, as well as examples of all of the legendary Air Max shoes. It was finished with a bright mirrored photo booth and original artwork that celebrated the new Vapor Max.

My friend and I celebrated until the DJ kicked us out. I have to say it was one of the most dynamic and well thought out launches of a product that I’ve been to, ever. If you didn’t catch the fun on my Insta-stories, check it below! (Find me and my shoes in the group shots below!)

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