What I Learned After 3 Months of Consistent Blowouts

If you’ve been following along my hair journey for the past couple months – and yes, it’s been a journey – then you’ve seen on social that I have been partnering with  Salon in Chicago. Blowtique approached me about becoming their new Blowtique Ambassador, and as my #reign comes to an end, I wanted to share some of the highlights of my experience! More specifically, I wanted to note some of the lessons I learned when it comes to incorporating weekly blowouts into my hair routine.

Blowtique was founded in 2012 and was the first blowout salon in the city (years ahead of the trend, people!). They were consistently incredible when it came to working with my changing hair. A few months ago, my hair was short and layered. I have been trying to grow it out and tasked the stylists to giving me a “beach wave lob” look – while dealing with hair that did not want to cooperate. Each time, they managed to pull off every style I asked for, no matter what I thought my hair could or couldn’t look like.

  • The takeaway: Talk to your stylist! I was very open with the fact that while I loved the beach wave look, I knew some of my shorter layers would make that difficult to achieve. They took that knowledge and were able to turn out some amazing beach wave looks.

My hair went through a huge color transformation during my months working with Blowtique, too. I had brunette hair when we started, then I took it black, and now it’s almost platinum again. That’s a lot of change in a short amount of time! There was a lot I was doing to my hair and the stylists consistently worked with me (and my hair). They did a fantastic job of doing blowouts with low heat, with heat protectant, or extra conditioner.

  • The takeaway: Seriously… talk to your stylist. I never want to be a diva or be considered a rude client, but it was important to me a few days after bleaching my hair. I asked if there was any way if they could use low heat and extra heat protectant and they were more then willing. Let your stylist know if you ever have any concerns!

If I had a week where I felt that my hair was just too parched that week to handle any heat, I asked for a dry style.

The biggest takeaway: I was worried that getting blowouts so often would ruin my hair. (Maybe not ruin it, but I normally avoid heat and this would be adding some extra heat…) This couldn’t have been less true. Having a Blowtique professional touch my hair once a week helped my hair look better than ever!

The staff was always incredibly professional and their skill set was obvious. It was a blast working with them over the past few months and I’d highly recommend it to all of my Chicago based readers!

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