A few weeks ago, I was asked if I wanted to spend a weekend in Rosemont to see what kind of entertainment and food that the area offered. For those of you who don’t know – or are reading this post from somewhere else in the world – Rosemont is a suburb of Chicago near O’Hare airport. I agreed within the hour, simply because it seemed like the itinerary was full of things to do. I’d never spent much time in Rosemont, I normally just drive through it on my way to the airport. As someone who lives in downtown Chicago, I’d never thought of going out to the suburbs for entertainment. But I ate, drank, and Snapchatted my way through the weekend and was left with more picture worthy moments than I’d ever thought possible.

Friday, 3pm. The weekend started with checking into our hotel room at the Loews Hotel and Suites in Rosemont. It was a gorgeous hotel, which seriously transcended my expectations as far what I expected a hotel near the airport to be like. There were art installations everywhere, and my friend Dana and I couldn’t stop remarking over how good the hotel smelled… seriously, it always smelled good in there!

You could see an amazing glimpse of Chicago through the sunset.
I seriously loved this hotel room – it was gorgeous, and there were multiple outlets right in the night stand. (IDEAL for cell phone charging. This is important).
My lovely note welcoming me to Loews.

Friday, 5pm. We kicked off the weekend with cocktails at the new restaurant inside the hotel, The Ashburn. Their signature cocktail includes apple, cinnamon, and tequila – and if I didn’t know that we were going to restaurant tastings after, I probably would’ve had more than one!


Friday, 6pm. We went off to the MB Financial Park district in Rosemont, which offers a wide array of restaurants and entertainment. I had the pleasure of getting to taste and sample from almost ten different menus that evening, and it honestly rivaled some of the dining opportunities that I’d had in the city!

It was a true culinary tour of Brazilian, Mexican, German, and Irish cuisine… and I’ve never eaten so much in my entire life!

The Chocolate Lounge_Photo credit- Sugar Factory American Brasserie
We started at the Sugar Factory; which is also located in New York, LA, and Las Vegas. It’s approved and endorsed by none other than the Kylie + Kendall Jenner. 
Sugar Factory-Interior
I absolutely LOVED the vibe inside the Sugar Factory – and I’m bringing a party back!
These are their infamous ‘Sugar Bowl’ cocktails, which I sipped on as long as I was there – they were seriously dessert cocktails, with gummy sharks floating in them!
No mom, I did not drink this whole thing – not even close, actually.
I also ran off with a huge tin of candy from this place. I’d make a pun about a ‘kid in a candy store,’ but it’s not necessary.
fiveroses2_Photo credit- Five Roses Irish Pub
We also ventured to the Five Roses Irish Pub; where I tried the most incredible fish and chips stateside (The only ones I’ve had better were in Brighton, in the UK itself).
THIS is fish and chips. It’s beer battered cod inside a potato skin. I know. Drool with me.
We also got to visit Fogo de Chao, the Brazilian steakhouse – where I finally got some Guaranana. It’s a Brazilian soda I’ve been searching for for YEARS, since I last left Brazil.
Their salad bar included fresh fish and a literal block of cheese. A BLOCK of cheese.
We also got to go to a German brewery; where I had authentic pretzels and a stein of beer brewed in house!

Friday, 9pm. After we had been to tastings at all of these restaurants – and several more that I couldn’t even document because I was eating so much – we got to sample a bit of MB Financial Parks entertainment. My new other blogger friends and I headed off to Kings Bowling, which is a more upscale version of the bowling alley you probably sulked around in high school.

kings7_Photo credit- Kings Rosemont
This was the private room that we got to use at Kings, and yes – those are music videos playing above the lanes!
I’m bringing bowling shoes back.

Saturday, 12am. We made it back to our hotel; stuffed, a little tipsy, and laughing! Which is the best state to be in, if you asked me. Our rooms had been refreshed with a plate of fresh fruit and waters for us – although I kept nibbling on candy from the Sugar Factory. It was time to go lights out and wake up in a few hours for brunch.


Saturday, 10am. We went back to The Ashburn for a brunch buffet. While they had a traditional menu, I’m never going to turn down a buffet. From smoothie shooters to bread pudding, it was the most decadent buffet I’ve ever had the privilege of sampling. We loaded up on coffee and soon, the entire team of bloggers was ready to hit the Fashion Outlets of Chicago.

This was one round of about four…

Saturday, 11am. The last part of our trip was getting to experience the Fashion Outlets of Chicago. These outlets include outlets and factory stores from designers such as Gucci, Burberry, and Prada. As well as larger chains which don’t often have outlets – such as Lululemon and All Saints!

I went insane in the All Saints outlet, which we were so lucky to get a special tour of. If you want to know if they’re genuine outlet prices – I got two pieces valued at over $700, for $60. I know. 

The All Saints team generously gave us a preview of some of the newest material they have at the outlet – some of which is still available in store!
We also got to go on a tour of The Art of Shaving, which teaches men how to shave properly (and make them much more kissable). It was so interesting, I asked if it were possible to buy this for women. It is.

Saturday, 3pm. It was time to say goodbye to the Loews hotel and the amazing outlets and food. We did a quick sign out and hopped in our car to get back to the hustle of downtown Chicago.

Overall, this was an incredible experience. I’ve never tried so many different kinds of incredible food and drink before, all within walking distances of one another. It was definitely something I was skeptical about doing, heading out to the suburbs for better food and drink – but I’ll undeniably be back again!

Farewell, Loews! x