For this cynic, the holidays are actually my favorite time of year. I love the holidays. Everything is decorated for no good reason and there are nothing but endless parties upon parties. Easily, the best part is that it means stretches of time with friends and family that are uninterrupted and full of warmth.

In the blogging universe it means another thing entirely – gift guides! While everyone that you have bookmarked is pushing out an endless string of gift guides, hopefully you’ve decided to give this one a look over.

We have a few different gift guides that will be rolling out over the next two weeks, so keep coming back to this space if you are looking to find the best presents for your loved ones (or if you’re like me, yourself).

We’re going to start small with the best presents that will fit perfectly inside your stocking for under $50!


1. Victorian Garden Phone Case, Gresso Miami, $30. I love this iPhone case because it’s gorgeously feminine without being too sweet. You can use the code HAUTETEMPERED20 for a discount!

2. Matador Daylite Backpack, $49This may seem uncharacteristically not related to fashion or beauty, but I’ve been loving this bag. It folds into a tiny pouch and has been great for going to the gym!

3. Green Beauty Travel Set, Yuni, $39Another favorite for staying on the go. I love Yuni skincare, and this travel set will surprise any beauty aficionado.

4. Renpure Coconut Oil, $10I have been trying a lot of Renpure products recently and this one takes the cake! It’s moisturizing without being too oily – it’s saved my winter hair!

5. Shea Weightless Body Oil, Victoria’s Secret, $18If you have ever been to Chicago in December, you know why I have both a hair and body oil on this list. This one isn’t greasy either, and is perfect for my skin.

6. Just Peachy Colourpop Lip Bundle, $15You probably already know how much I love Colourpop. But their new mini-sets are an incredible value – and this peachy set will match almost all skin tones.