What? That’s a pretty ironic thing for someone to type in a blog post. Don’t worry, I’m aware of the irony here and that’s the entire reason this is titled so click-bait-y. I’ve been blogging for almost two years now and it’s become a regular part of my life. I post three times a week (in a perfect world) and I’ve had the privilege of going to a lot of different events and meeting some incredible people. So what gives?

IMG_9558Unfortunately, there’s always someone who pees in the pool (or wears something that doesn’t coordinate with the rest of #squad when girl’s night rolls around). The blogger universe is no different. There’s a few different reasons – or even people – that spoil the party for the rest of us. One of the reasons that I occasionally avoid letting it slip that I blog is those who give all bloggers a bad reputation. Don’t go digging for any dirt, I’ve got no names to spill here – I don’t have a list like Arya (Yes, that was a GoT reference). But I do know of several top-tier bloggers who do this for a full time living who haven’t made it easy for anyone else. Whether it’s large egos, terrible reputations, or just a bad attitude, they’ve made it impossible for some people to see bloggers than anything other than party girls.

Don’t be fooled by everything you see on Instagram, either. There are a few bloggers who have been straight-up blacklisted by PR companies and designers – they won’t loan to them, and they’ll have no part doing business with them. These girls, with penthouses on 5th or villas in Calabasas, have made it impossible for other bloggers to reverse the bad taste they’ve left in other professionals’ mouths.

Another reason that I tend to avoid #Blogger at the end of my biography is the incredible lack of depth and originality to some bloggers out there. Again, I’m not going to name names and I’m not out here to drag anybody or mention people specifically. But there are some people who are out there and simply posting selfies, shoe-fies, or any other sort of ‘fie’ out there. They’re the “Instagram blogger.” They don’t write, curate, or do anything than pose in front of cool backgrounds. They then get invited to the most elusive parties, the best runway shows, and exclusive resorts – all in the name of being an influencer. But if you dig a little deeper, you see their posts have little to no engagement and most of their followers are men, aged 35-50 and are there for the bikini shots.

When these bloggers, who lack depth and originality, have failed sponsorships – brands are left scratching their heads. “They have millions of followers, why didn’t our collaboration work?” They chalk it up to blogging being all smoke and mirrors, when in reality they just picked a top tier blogger who has been using a trust fund to fly around the world and give the image of online success.

I digress.

While bad reputations in blogging rebound, there’s still a lot of reasons why I do it. I love the chance to have a platform to write. It wasn’t my major, it isn’t what I do full time. But I love having a semblance of an audience and a platform for things I love. I mentioned I have been able to meet incredible people and go to amazing events. I met my best friend through blogging and I’ve been to New York Fashion Week, twice.

I’m also friends with quite a few top-tier bloggers who blog as their full time profession. They’re heartfelt and they work incredibly hard at what they do. Those who tend to ruin reputations for all of us aren’t the status quo, they just seem to make the biggest splash at times.

I can’t imagine ever not doing this. I love creating content and developing a brand and being able to share with an audience, no matter how big the size of that audience. I simply wanted to get this off of my chest for a few reasons – one, to encourage those who are just starting to be persevering. Write about what you want to, and do it well. Be genuine. Be honest. Two, to maybe discourage those who might stumble across this and feel that they’re being read by yours truly.

In the end… C’est la vie. You do you. YOLO. Whatever quotable you’d like to take away from this, do so. Just remember that the internet is not always what it seems. Social media jealously is real – and often smoke and mirrors. But for every blogger that’s faking their way through life, I can guarantee that there are four who are working their asses off.