If you’ve been around this blog for awhile (thanks, friends!) then you know that I’m a bit of a hair-color psychopath. I have dirty blonde hair that I have been dying, bleaching, and highlighting since I was 12. While I have had platinum hair for about three years, roughly eight months ago I took plunge again and came out the other side with black hair. I loved it for awhile – change is good – but it wasn’t long until I was itching for my “real” color to come back.

I managed to dye my hair from black to honey blonde in one weekend. We waited two weeks, and then took it from honey blonde to platinum. I managed to do all of this at home (that blog post is forthcoming!) without my hair falling out. It did not, however, feel good. All of the post-color conditioner in the world sometimes isn’t enough to treat overly bleached and colored locks.

So the last four weeks have been an ongoing mission of testing out masks, oils, and conditioners to bring my hair back from the dead. With the help of some great coworkers and one big Slack thread, I’ve narrowed down my favorites. (Also, I can officially say that my hair is back from the dead!)

1. Kenra Platinum Revive Treatment
Dry or Wet Hair? Dry
Price? $20
Experience: This was a good hair mask – it wasn’t my favorite of the list, but you only need to leave it on for 5-10 minutes. I found it’s great to use mid-week (I normally do longer hair masks on the weekends).

2. Coconut Oil
Dry or Wet Hair? Either
Price? $8
Experience: Coconut oil is a magical product. I prefer Vita Coco’s virgin coconut oil, personally. I typically cover my hair in it from root to scalp, and leave it on for an hour. It’s best to do this on a weekend while you watch a movie, in my opinion. Word to the wise, however: it will cause your scalp to break out. I normally get a pimple or two on my hairline after using coconut oil. But it seals up your ends if you have split-ends or damage.

3. Dabur Amla Oil
Dry or Wet Hair? Dry
Price? $10
Experience: Similar to coconut oil, amla oil is great for moisturizing your hair. I only put this on my roots because I have thin hair, and amla oil is a pretty thick product. If you have thin hair, covering your scalp in amla oil will cause additional breakage because the oil is so heavy. I coat my ends with it, however, and I feel like it brought some life back to my strands!

4. Drybar 100 Proof Treatment Oil
Dry or Wet Hair? Damp or Dry
Price? $36
Experience: This is a holy grail! Put this on the ends of damp or dry hair. It conditions and strengthens while helping with any breakage or split ends. I put it on in the morning on my way out the door and it gives a polished look to my hair. Over about two weeks, I’ve seen a huge difference in my hair.

5. Renpure Coconut Dry Oil
Dry or Wet Hair? Damp or Dry
Price? $14
Experience: Okay, yes, this is slightly different than traditional coconut oil. Coconut dry oil is a great option because it doesn’t need to be washed out. I use 100 Proof Treatment Oil in the morning, and I use this oil on the ends at night after a shower.

6. Tsubaki Shiseido Extra Moist Conditioner
Dry or Wet Hair? Wet
Price? $14
Experience: This conditioner will change your life, seriously. Even if you don’t have colored hair, I suggest you give this a spin. Even if I don’t shampoo every day I never skip using this a day.

7. BLEACH Reincarnation Mask
Dry or Wet Hair? Wet
Price? $11
Experience: I actually just used up the last of this product, and I’m devastated because you can currently only get it in the UK or EU. This product is specifically designed for bleached hair – as compared to other color treatments or traditional breakage – and has been the best at restoring elasticity to my hair.

If you have colored your hair – or bleached it within an inch of its life – hopefully some of these products will do the trick! A few other tips: definitely use a silk pillowcase. I always thought that this was a marketing gimmick, but after beginning to use one at night I do feel like I have less bedhead in the morning. Plus, my pillow isn’t covered in hairs that I’ve shed!

If you try any of these, tweet me and let me know.